At Optimus Education Foundation, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. Being a relatively young organisation there are specific ways in which help is most needed. Read on and find a way of helping impoverished people and communities around the world which most suits you.

Why Fundraise ?

Take a look at our
video gallery to see why. Your money makes a real impact because OPEF channels it directly to where it’s needed. OPEF is all about partnership.

When you add them all up, every single penny makes a difference in transforming local schools and poor communities.
We work closely with local schools, communities and organisations all around Africa . No one understands better the issues that affect their communities than the local people themselves, and no one is better placed to address them. We don’t give to governments, and we don’t fund individuals. It goes directly to the people who need it.
Our long term vision can never become a reality without considering all issues in a logical and well thought through way. That is why we have created short term goals which you can help fulfil.