About Us

gsskkOptimus Education Foundation Cameroon (OPEF) is a non-governmental organisation of seasoned educationalists, IT professionals and medical practitioners, dedicated to improving the quality of health, education and training for all young people and adults,  essentially through the effective use of Information and Communication Technologies in order to fight extreme poverty in Africa by and large and Cameroon in particular, especially in socially deprived areas:

  1. by empowering local communities socially and economically especially women: i.e combining financial capital with local community expertise and resources for educational and community improvement;
  2. by developing and optimising an effective partnership between schools and their local communities designed to find practical ways and means of tackling the unavoidably difficult socio-economic problems schools and communities face; and more importantly tackling social inequalities. gss kedjom ketinguh building

Our mission is to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of young people in schools and their communities, in order to give every child, every adult, every community, the opportunity to fulfil their true potential.

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gbhs muea - buea2This is the Government Bilingual High School Muea computer laboratory in South West Region of Cameroon, the very first computer laboratory installed by Optimus Education Foundation in partnership with Cameroon Education Network. This computer laboratory was officiallygbhs muea student working opened by the Secretary General in the Ministry of Secondary Education, Professor Leke Tambo.

OPEF has subsequently installed 12 computer laboratories across North West and South West Regions and has set up a Training, Resource and Learning Centre in Bamenda as a model for schools and communities to replicate. OPEF is looking forward to installing more computer laboratories in schools and communities nationally.Visit our Projects page for more information.